Conquer Europe Together

  • Get Teamed Up!

    Join 11 other teams in a spontaneous 10 day European travel competition. Anyone can participate! Creativity and resourcefulness are your keys to victory, not physical fitness.

  • Get Challenged!

    Competitours challenges feature culinary competitions, mountain and battlefield adventures, brain-teasing mazes and scavenger hunts, quirky twists on history and culture, and more!

  • Get Surprised!

    Every challenge and destination is a mystery, revealed with just 36 hours notice. Your trip will feature 4 to 5 destinations scattered across Western Europe's big cities, mountain hamlets, coastal towns, and more!

  • Get in the Money!

    Competitours is about friendly rivalry during the day, and even friendlier revelry at night. There are no eliminations, so every team will be in the running to split a cash prize pool of $7200!

“Amazing Race for regular people.” Chicago Tribune