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Team Blogs

POY Meets World​

11 days, 11 teams – Mystery Itinerary and Surprise Challenges, just like the Amazing Race.

Lynda & Viet

Seeing the World, One Challenge at a Time.


At Gava Beach, northeast coast of Barcelona, Spain.

Team Highlight Videos

Blogger Teams


Going Beyond the Guidebook with Competitours.


You’ve Never Traveled Like This Before).


Stepping Out of My Comfort Zone With Competitours.

10 Reasons

10 Reasons Why You Should Sign Up For Competitours.


Are you the kind of traveller that embraces the unknown, competing to win, enjoys making new friends, and loves the idea of a surprise vacation?

A Look Inside

An Inside Look At The Competitours Experience.

Other Media

A Surprise Trip to Europe

Twelve teams on the zigzag...!

The Amazing Race for Regular People

Norman and Susan's 10-night adventure!

A Competition, Or Not

Read more on what was termed, "à la The Amazing Race".

The Bucket List Project

Read about why people entered the Competitours competition as a couple.