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Let's explain some of the important stuff

The only full scale
Travel competition in the country

What makes our trips unique are our daily challenges. Our goal from day one is, and always has been, to have an amazing experience while stepping slightly outside your comfort zone. We do this by piecing together one-of-a-kind itineraries with hand-on challenge activities that connect us to the people and places we’re visiting. Unfortunately, because our trips are shrouded in secrecy, we can’t divulge what you’ll be doing on any given day in advance. That said, just about all of our challenges fall into one of the six categories below. Check ‘em out and enjoy! Just don’t bother preparing, because Competitours, our motto is to always expect the unexpected.


All you need in order to compete, is a creative and resourceful mind – NOT physical fitness, or travel experience! Together with our dynamic scoring system, we ensure all individual and team scores remain competitive throughout the trip.


We push you (gently) out of your comfort zone so you’ll discover skill sets you never even knew existed! Sometimes our challenges are about striving to be the best, but other times, it’s just about being least worst.

What are these challenges?

Master craftsmen take years to perfect their craft. Teams will take crash courses and learn as much as possible in an hour. Then, we insert you in the workshop, to create your own masterpiece (or at least something vaguely recognizable).

Music and dance define nations and their people. Competitours transforms you from a passive audience member into an active performer. You are the star of the show, as you prepare to shine in your big moment.

We mash up the competitiveness of “Iron Chef” with the authenticity of local cuisine. It’s cooking without a net, as there will be a master chef on hand but you may not get the recipes.

Scavenger hunts, labyrinths, escape rooms… Call them what you will. But getting lost in these is a far more interesting way to learn about local history and culture than having your head buried in a guidebook.

Anything goes at Competitours! You may have to go UP, THROUGH, OVER, or even UNDERNEATH a mountain to accomplish your challenge. Don’t worry though. As we’ve said, this is about brains, not brawn.

Your on-site Evil Genius is committed to adding twists, turns and curveballs throughout the trip. Our advice? Expect the unexpected, and keep your (friendly) competitive juices flowing.