Past Teams & Reviews

Get a flavor from past Competitours trips by checking out teams that chose to blog about their experience.

Travel Past 50:
Seasoned Traveler Finds European Adventure with Competitours

US News Travel:
10 Vacations Where You Can Reconnect as a Family

The Girl and Globe Travel Blog:

An Inside Look at the Competitours Experience:

2016 Competitours Mini Blog:
Competitours Highlight Reel

2015 Team from Toronto and Travel Blogger:
Top Ten Reasons You Should Sign Up For Competitours

2015 team from Portland, OR:
2015 Competitours Blog

2014 team from Richmond, VA and Travel Blogger:
Stepping out of my comfort zone with Competitours
Going beyond the guidebook with Competitours
5 reasons Competitours is better than the amazing race

2014 team from Cleveland, OH and Calgary:
10 Days in Europe; 10 New Things to Try

2014 team from Toronto:
Amazing Race Rejects Keep Climbing

2014 Article on Competitours for Inter-Generational Families:
Competitours: Vacation a la The Amazing Race with Your Teen or Tween

2013 team from Cleveland, OH & Los Angeles, CA:
2013 Competitours Blog

2013 team from Seattle, WA:
Competitours, founded by University Heights’ Steve Belkin, takes travelers on their own ‘amazing race’

Family Adventure Project:
Competitours – Bond the Family Team on a Challenge Tour of Europe

A Luxury Travel Blog:
An amazing travel competition that will give you memories to last a lifetime

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